the Competition - 2015 Sacred Music International Competition - Rome, November 3 - 7 - Qualifying rounds all around Europe

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the Competition

the 2015 contest rules

The Competition
1     The Accademia Musicale Europea of Rome, institutes the 2015 "Sacred Music" International Competition open to lyric singers of every nationality and religion that have not turned 36 years old. The Accademia Musicale Europea with this event aims not only to implement and to promote the performance and knowledge of Sacred Music, but also mutual understanding among People everywhere.
2     The Competition will be divided into three rounds: Qualifying round, Semi-final and Final in the form of a Gala Concert. The Qualifying Round are scheduled in the following cities and dates:

     Bratislava, Slovak National Opera, Slovakia on Semptember 19

Berlin, Deutsche Oper Berlin, GERMANY on September 21
London,  English National Opera, GREAT BRITAIN on October 15
Hamburg, Hamburg State Opera, GERMANY on October 17
Milan, Pontificio Ambrosiano Istituto di Musica Sacra, ITALY on October 19
Rome, Chiesa degli Artisti, ITALY on November 3
(compulsory rehersals with pianist) - 4 (auditions with Jury)

NB: The competitor will have to indicate the city where desire to take part at the Qualifying Round on the application form.
3      The "Sacred Music" International Competition Semi-final and Final will take place ONLY in Rome, from November 5th  to 7th, 2015 at Chiesa S. Maria in Montesanto – Chiesa degli Artisti (Piazza del Popolo) and Basilica S. Maria Sopra Minerva (Piazza della Minerva). All the competition in Rome will be broadcast by TV. The Qualifying round and the Semi-final will be broadcast by streaming MARIA TV and visible LIVE on their and our websites.  The Final round - the Gala Concert which is scheduled for November 7, 2015 - will be broadcast and worldwide by satellite by the Vatican channel: TELEPACE.
4   All the winners and outstanding finalists will perform in the Prize Winning Concerts, integral and substantial part of the awards, organized by Accademia Musicale Europea or offered by the partners of the Sacred Music Int. Competition. These concerts will be held in Italy and/or abroad, starting from the artistic season 2014/2015.
The first Prize Concert will be on Sunday November   2015 in Rome. The winners will be admitted for free to  Arezzo Summer Music School & Festival in July, 2015, here they will be conduct by Antonio Florio for a concert.
5    Every competitor must present 5 pieces from the Sacred Music repertoire of their own choice (Solo Arias from Masses, Motets, Oratorios, Sacred Cantatas, Prayers, Traditional Religious Song, etc.), in at least two different languages and/or two different periods. The singers will not be required to know the pieces by heart. The candidates who wish to be eligible for the special prize "Oratorio" must present at least 2 arias from 2 different oratorio - at least one from of a sacred
subject, one of these by Italian Composer, and will have to notify this expressly in the application form.
6     The competitors who certify that they have won a Main Prize in a Lyric International Competition in any Country including Italy will be directly admitted to the Semi-final. These competitors must still present a programme of 5 arias like all other participants.
7     For the Qualifying round competitors will have to perform one aria of their own choice, as notified on the registration form, under the heading "Qualifying Round". Those singers that are awarded the majority of votes from the Jury will be admitted to the Semi-final. At the end of every judging session the Jury will officially announce the list of the singers admitted to the Semi-final round and will give all other competitors a certificate of participation.
8  The competitors admitted to the Semi-final will have to perform two arias of Sacred Music chosen by the Jury, which will be communicated to them directly by the Piano Repetiteurs during the rehearsal session.
9     The singers directly admitted into the Semi-final (see art. 5) will sing a maximum of 3 arias, the first of their choice, as notified on the application form and the other two chosen by the Jury and directly communicated by the Piano Repetiteurs during the rehearsal session.
10  At the end of the 2 days of Semi-final sessions the Jury - with a majority vote - will officially announce the list of the singers admitted to the Final round and will give all the other competitors a certificate of participation as a Semi-finalist.
11   The Final round is a Gala Concert that will take place in Basilica S. Maria Sopra Minerva, on November 7 at 8:30 pm. During this round competitors must perform one aria, exclusively chosen by the Jury from the five notified by the singers on the registration form.
12   Each session of the competition in Rome will be open to the public and - where possible - also in all the other Eliminatories round. The competitors will be called to the stage in alphabetical order (using the beginning of the first surname as it appears on passports or identity cards in case of multiple surnames) for the Qualifying round, in alphabetical order beginning from the letter that results from a draw for the Semi-final and following a list decided by the Jury for the Final - Gala Concert. The competitors, just before their first performance (Qualifying round or Semi-final for those under the prescription of art. 6) will have to show their identity card or passport. Each competitor must leave with the Jury two copies of every piece they wish to perform.
13  Any competitor who cannot be present for any reason at the Final - Gala concert will be immediately disqualified from the Competition. The finalists will rehearse their pieces according to the decision of the Organizers, at the time and in the place that they indicate and the Final rehearsal is compulsory. For every round the candidates will have the right to a rehearsal with the piano Repetiteurs, that will take place as scheduled and shown on the website.

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