CIMS 2020
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the Jury

the 2020 contest rules

Jury 2014

Toni Gradsack

Casting Director
Teatro alla Scala - Milan
(Final - Gala Concert)

Sophie Joyce
Casting English National Opera
ENO Harewood Artist Director
London - GB

Antonio Florio
Baroque Conductor  
Founder and Artistic Director
I Turchini - Naples

Juan Angel Vela del Campo
Music Critic El Paìs  -
Artistic Director Semana Verdiana - SP

Pawel Orski
Executive Director
International Festival Polish Music - P

Alessandra Catteruccia
AC Opera Management - Rome

Mariano Horak
Artist Manager
Caecilia Opera Department

Daniela de Marco
Fouder and Artistic Director Competition,
Accademia Musicale Europea,
Arezzo Summer Music School & Festival



14  The Jury panel is composed of Managers and/or Major experts and/or well-known artists and Lyric Agents from leading Italian

and Foreign institutions and they will judge the singers during every round of the Competition, from admittance to the final round and the declaration of the winners, and the additional prizes of the "Sacred Music" International Competition - 2014.

15  The Jury of the International Competition, appointed by the Academy, will be made public at the time of printing of promotional

material and not later than 3 months before the start of the competition. It will consist of a President and a maximum of eight judges of high reputation, chosen from the worlds of music. The names of the Jury will also be published on the official websites of the Competition

16  Every decision of the Jury is final, not subject to discussion or appeal. The Jury has the right to interrupt a performance, to ask

for a performance to be repeated, not to award a particular prize or prizes or any prize at all if none of the competitors is considered eligible. With reference in particular to the semifinal, in which more pieces are required to be performed by each competitor, the jury is entitled to interrupt the performance of any singer at any time - for any reason, fully maintaining the right to judge on all or part of the entire performance.

17  The winners of the Qualifying and Semi-final round will be decided by majority vote of the Judges. Only in the case of a tie, the

President will have a casting vote. In the Final the vote will be determined by the sum of the numeric marks given by each member of the judging panel - within a range from 1 to 6, and the chance to give intermediate votes of a minimum of 0.50 (and no chance to give any other decimal) - discounting from this the highest and the lowest marks. This sum will be divided for the numbers of the valid votes. In case one or more member of the panel should decide to give the same highest or lowest mark, only one from each will be subtracted from the final sum.

18  If a competitor has had during the past two years (from the date of the beginning of the Competition) personal, didactical or

work relationships with one or more members of the Jury this member/these members will abstain from giving his/their evaluation. The reason for the abstention will be reported in the proceedings of the Competition.

19  No technical evaluation of any kind of a competitor excluded from the Final round will be given either at the end of the Qualifying round or of the Semi-final.

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The 2020 Sacred Music International Competition (SMIC) is an integral part of the winning Creative Europe project "Let's Sing Oratorio Music!"and it is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.
Sacred Music International Competition will find the soloists for the Let's Sing Shows that will be held in CZ, GR, RO and Italy.  
Accademia Musicale Europea
L’Accademia Musicale Europea (AME) è un’associazione romana senza scopo di lucro che pone tra i suoi obiettivi principali la "scoperta" di giovani talenti provenienti da ogni angolo del pianeta e la diffusione della Musica Sacra presso nuovi pubblici e anche in località decentrate dove la Musica, a volte, fatica ad arrivare.
Let's Sing Oratorio Music! farà scoprire ai bambini e ragazzi europei l'Oratorio musicale.
Let's Sing!
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