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L'Accademia Musicale Europea - The European Music Academy
The European Music Academy - the meeting between many combining realities and some Roman brotherhoods, which nowadays represent the heirs of the ancient brotherhoods of Fine Arts and other various professions and which try to convert the churches that were entrusted to their care not only into places of cult but also into points of cultural aggregation - emerged from the experience, that grew and developed over the years, of the International Contest of Church Music ("Concorso Internazionale di Musica Sacra").
In 2001 the International Contest of Church Music was concocted and established by the professor Daniela de Marco, who since then is also the artistic leader. From the first edition and on the contest is dedicated to young lyrical singers of every nationality who are eager to express their talents and their commitments for the repertoire of sacred music, and at the same time it attempts to "strengthen the comprehension and the consciousness of the peoples".
Since its beginning, the meeting point of realities has always been of paramount importance for the contest- which for years has received among other things the renowned patronage of the pontifical council for culture (Pontificium Consilium de Cultura) and the support of the Roman Province (PROVINCIA DI ROMA). It has constantly tried to unite these different realities by means of defining common objectives and by the definite realization of a moment of professional growth, creating at the same instant international relationships and turning itself into a successful instrument of construction for a culture dedicated to the brotherly encounter between different worlds, in order to favour a mutual understanding.  
In this sense the universality of music- a language that is capable of setting the purest feelings and emotions in motion - was able to reach its synthesis in the internationalization of the contest: in the perfect geometric meeting place of the church, where the moral significance is connected to the artistic capacities.
Since 2001, more than 900 young talents coming from all 5 continents who try hard to realize their dream through church music in an epoch where efforts seem to be less and less present; juries, composed of the highest leaders of European cultural institutions of prime importance; committees of honour, which consist exclusively of a growing number of ambassadors and cultural attachés of the diplomatic missions near the Holy See and in the Italian Republic - all were able to find perfect fusion and maximum expression at the finales, which were held as gala concerts and were followed by thousands of enthusiastic spectators, filling the seats we had reserved for them every time.
From the beginning the contest created concerts with the winners of the various editions, obtaining performances on the highest artistic and technical level. So in order not to lose the wealth of skills and knowledge of these young talents, in 2007 the artistic director of the contest founded the ensemble "celestermonia" (originally called the "Virtuosi of the Church Music"), which consists of the winners of the present and past editions of the "International Contest of Church Music" from Rome.  
Indeed, all the winners of the previous editions acknowledge that by winning the contest they have set the foundation of their brilliant international careers which helped them achieve the leading part in some of the most important theatres and festivals in Europe. For more information please visit the website
As one of its goals the European Music Academy states the "discovery" of young talents coming from all corners of the world as well as the spreading of church music; even in remote places where, at times, the music has difficulties to arrive.
The growing fame of the International Contest of Church Music has suggested some correlated activities:   
-   The birth of the ensemble CELESTE ARMONIA which consists of the winners of the previous editions of the contest; it is a vocal and instrumental ensemble capable of adapting itself to the most different stylistic necessities of events and performances, characterized by the possession of vocal registers of peculiar extension and differences and able to make every performance of the different musical epochs - more than 500 years - unforgettable. These characteristics form the corpus of the church music by returning the emotional essence with a rare effectiveness. By performing their talents and thanks to the impressive efforts of studies and researches, operated during the preparing master classes of the European Music Academy, the members of the Celeste Armonia are able to provide sensations which rarely are attained in the church music.   
-   The concerts "Treasures of Church Music" (Tesori della Musica Sacra): in order to present high quality concerts to the Roman audience and to decentralize the cultural offers in the region.
-   The institution of further education courses for solo singers who are dedicated to the repertoire of church music and opera.
-  L'éducation des pianistes à se spécialiser dans le répertoire de la musique d'église et de l'opéra.

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Simonetta Marchitelli
Ezio Amendola

Directeur artistique
Daniela de Marco
Rosanna Ravalli

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Accademia Musicale Europea
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Accademia Musicale Europea
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